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Reserve The Toys You Want And Spread The Cost With Flexible Payments To Suit You


There is nothing worse than having your little one point to toy they "absolutely must have" for a Christmas or Birthday only for it to be all sold out when you try to purchase nearer the occassion. Avoid disappointment with our savings club and reserve items at any point throughout the year. We'll keep them safe for when you need them. Just pay a 10% deposit when reserving, then make regular payments on a schedule to suit you until it's paid off.

Reserve Items with just a 10% initial deposit

You choose how much to pay each month

Toys are safely stored out of sight of prying eyes

Collect items when it suits you (once paid off)

Our Savings club scheme is run in-store and we do need you to pop-in to initially setup the club, however from then on you can either manage your club by coming in-store or over the phone with our shop team on 01702 346234.

When it comes to collecting your club we request that you provide us with 48 hours advanced notice of when you plan to collect, especially where a lot of items have been stored, as it gives us time to locate your club items and double check everything before you arrive. This is especially important in busy periods such as just before Christmas and also saves you from having to wait whilst we locate and verify your club.


Terms and Conditions:

A 10% deposit will be paid up front for every item you place in your club. If you decide at any point that you no longer want this item and remove it from your club you will lose this deposit. (e.g. You remove a £19.99 item, you will lose £2 deposit from your club total).

We will usually expect all club members with items in their clubs to be making regular payments each month.

Items will not be released from your club until you have paid their full value.

If you for whatever reason have not paid into your club for 1 month we may contact you just to check you still want your club. If your club goes without a payment for 3 months or longer then we may remove any items that you have reserved and you will lose your 10% deposits.


Have any questions or need more information? please don't hesitate to get in touch we'll be happy to help.

Just speak to any of our friendly in-store staff or give call us on 01702 346234.

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