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Orchard Giraffes in Scarves

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Orchard Giraffes in Scarves
Orchard Giraffes in Scarves

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A fun counting and colour matching game for ages 4-7, featuring giraffes in wacky patterned scarves! Players must pick a silly giraffe body, which include a footballer, a diver and a ballerina! Next they must try and build up their giraffe body with as many scarves as possible by matching the colour dice to the coloured spots on the back of the cards. Remember, the aim of the game is not to have the tallest giraffe but to get the most scarves! The winner is the player with the most scarves on their giraffe once everyone has found a matching giraffe head. Using quirky characters and innovative gameplay, Giraffes in Scarves helps to make counting and colour matching fun! It is also great to develop general gameplay skills such as confidence and taking turns. Wrap up for winter with this fun and hilarious game which can be played by up to 6 players!

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Players 2 - 6
Age 4-7

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